Jobs are coming out of the woodwork.

Seriously, for a fiberglass boat there is a bunch of wood here.

It started with ‘Oh we could just oil the teak for now until we decide the real plan.” Sounds easy, stripping the old coating off and sanding then oiling.

Well stripping was fun(?). On the water trying not to let anything get into the water.

Sanding was fun(?). Trying to vacuum up all the dust before it blows onto other boats.

Oiling was ok. It really made a difference in the wood we did not strip or sand. I hope the wood we did work on looks better.

The weather in Portland right now is really crappy. 50-60 degrees and rain. Regardless we built a tent and sealed the bow sprit. The rebedding the rest of the deck hardware is next as well as the toe rail.

We are looking at spending the night and cooking for the first time. Our stove is unusable, the burners leak and flare up. The light show is nice, but the fire danger is scary.

We removed the stove for repair and decided it costs too much. So our temporary solution in a camp stove on the gimbled stove mount surface. We are looking into a real stove.

The cockpit table and combing box caught our attention as well.

The end of the day, parts drying and piles of sawdust

My fingers buzz when I try to use them.

What fun.


One thought on “Jobs are coming out of the woodwork.

  1. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing about our boat… I have never done so much woodwork since we got this “plastic” boat!


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