More boat stuff

We are still plugging away getting ‘Imi Loa ready for sailing. We were hoping to be out sailing already but we are making progress. The weather has been pretty bad but we did get out and motor around a few weeks ago (the mast is still not up).

Projects were are currently working on:

Head Makeover – we are now the proud owners of an Airhead composting toilet. A local marine supply place had one in stock which was a nice surprise (we thought we’d need to order one).

Probably not the final location.

Picking it up was a bit of an odd experience. We phoned ahead so they knew we were coming but when we got to their address (navigation via iphone) it was just a mailbox on a desolate road on the outskirts of town. We phoned again and were directed to a long narrow drive with an ominous looking security gate that said PRIVATE PROPERTY. We entered the provided code and proceeded through the gate. As it shut behind us we noticed a code was also required to exit and that the property was surrounded by chainlink topped with barbed wire (set up to keep someone/something in, not out)! Adding to the ambience was the fact that although it was almost 10am the light was very dim and dreary with a steady drizzle and some fog. Anyway we continued down the drive and through a second gate (left open for us) to a windowless workshop/shed. The door was partly ajar so we entered and were met by the very distinctive smell of cats. The door didn’t creak but it seemed like it should. And then we bought our toilet from a very nice man, left and had a very nice breakfast at a very nice cafe we spotted on the way. We’ll post more details about the installation when the head is finished.

Sails: We are restitching the sun protection on our head sails. It is slow going, we are using an old singer we picked up. It does the job but just barely. We would like to eventually get a Sailrite LZ-1 but it isn’t in the budget right now.

The Jib

Stitching the jib.

Galley: We took out the old kerosene stove (it was a fire hazzard) and picked up a Force 10 2 burner with broiler on craigslist for a good price. We have not installed it (this will require yet more woodwork). No photos yet.

Other misc: fixed the washdown pump (replaced broken pressure switch), repaired some rotten core on the cabin top (the staysail traveler mounting bolts had leaked at some point allowing water intrusion – we drilled out and filled with epoxy), oiled the teak caprail on the cockpit combings, and the list goes on….


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