1st cruise wrap up

We continued to have excellent weather for the rest of the week. We stayed one night at the free docks at Sand Island, the docks are nice but pretty unprotected so we had more motion than on previous nights. I didn’t mind the motion at all but one of our docklines squeeked whenever the wind or current pushed the boat away from the dock.

The next day we finally raised the main. We sailed with main and staysail, practicing tacking and a little more freighter dodging. The heeling was much more comfortable than I expected. We were heeled mostly between 10 and 15 degrees, though I think we hit 20 degrees after one tack when Devon didn’t drop the traveler down quite as quickly. These are rough numbers, we don’t have a good clinometer in the cockpit, just a brass one in the cabin. This was our first time heeling in a keelboat and it is a very different experience compared to heeling in the javelin (our 14 foot centerboard sailboat in the header photo).

Devon at the helm on a port tack

On a different topic, we had the opportunity to try out our new shower and it works great! The two of us were able to get a nice hot shower out of less that 1.5 gallons.


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