A Happy Birthday (8/21)

Saturday (August 21st) was a great day, it was my birthday and the first day of a ten day vacation 🙂 Devon gave me the coolest gift ever – a sextant! Now I get to update my “to do” list now that “learning to navigate” is in progress. It is awesome and I’m looking forward to learning to use it (as Devon says it is the original GPS). We were planning to head out on a cruise Saturday so we didn’t plan anything for my birthday but we got a late start (I figured I could sleep in on my Bday) so we decided to stay the night in the slip and head out early the next morning. As it turns out there was a birthday party on the boat in the next slip (the Shawnee). It was the skipper’s birthday and they came down from Portland to St Helens for the Bday celebration. Learning it was my Bday too they invited us over, they were a great group and we had a good time. We had some wine and there were a few toasts with some good home distilled vodka and a delicious birthday flan (I’ve never been much of a flan fan but this was very good). Needless to say we stayed up later than planned and didn’t get a very early start but it was a fun night.

This post was written on my iPhone because we have no WiFi signal. I haven’t figured out how to caption photos with the wordpress app. The first photo is my sextant (a Davis Mark 25) and the second photo is ‘Imi Loa and Shawnee, a 45’ Hardin ketch.


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