Backache, I mean brightwork.

Summer is officially winding to a close so we decided we couldn’t put off doing the brightwork any longer. ‘Imi Loa has been sadly neglected for (at least) the past few years so the exterior teak was needing some attention. So after much taping, sanding, bleaching, more taping and sanding, even more taping, and finally applying 3 coats of Cetol we are finally done (for now). We refinished the handrails, the toerail, the cockpit coaming caps, and the cabin trunk trim. We still need to do the companionway dropboards and cover, the hatch covers, and the dorade boxes but these can be removed and brought home are in much better shape anyhow.

We used Cetol Natural Teak and we are very pleased with the results, it is less orange and muddy looking/opaque than the regular Cetol Marine. It lets the beauty of the wood show through.

It feels good to have that done, now we just have to paint the hull…


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