Boat Socks

On ‘Imi Loa we have a “no shoes” policy when going below. In hot weather this just means we go barefoot when in the cabin, but in cooler weather the sole (floor) gets pretty chilly so we need to wear socks. The sole is traditional teak and holly and though we get pretty good traction in bare feet, regular socks are pretty slippery. In some areas the sole is not level (it slopes up near the vberth and the head) so even when tied to the dock it is easy to slip, but when underway and healed 15 degrees it can be downright treacherous to move about in socks.  Last Spring we purchased a few pairs of non-skid socks and they are awesome. They are just heavy socks with patches of grippy silicon or something glued to the bottom. They are very warm and comfy and have really good traction, they make fantastic boat socks.


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