Instead of working to predict the weather, the weather predicts the work. . .

With the winter solstice  past, the light part of the day should be getting longer than the dark part.  It is still winter in Oregon, gray, and rainy.  We have not sailed much this Winter, alas we have not finished (or started) the dodger.  The last time we had the boat out it snowed on us.

Wet snow, it is Winter.

Wet weather means any boat projects are done in the cabin, or at the house in the garage.

After the bright work refinishing around the boat, the hatches looked neglected, so they are the next on the list.

The hatches the day of the purchas.

Over the Summer, the bare wood was oiled one time knowing we would refinish them before the rains came.  We were a little late.  Anyway. . .

From the cockpit, in the rain.

Hatches in the mist. (the bare wood is the drop board, the next project)

Main cabin hatch with more rain.

The sliding hatch had some rot in the plywood and the veneer was ruined.  We elected to disassemble the hatch repair the wood, reassemble, and apply white enamel to the underside.  It matches the head liner and there is no longer a dark spot in the companion way.

Enamel underside.

The only casualty was a broken hatch adjuster on the main cabin hatch.  We elected to only replace the broken one instead of upgrading the set.  Later in the plan we will replace this hatch anyway.

Old style hatch adjuster.

New style, replacement hatch adjuster (about $30 from the chandlery).

Now for the really fun projects, the sea hood and dodger.  Stay tuned.

We are ready for Spring!  Why does Winter take so long to move on?


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