Holiday in the Sun

Happy New Year!

We went out with the Sauvi Island Yacht Club to a small island in the Multnomah Channel.  It was only about an hour away for us.  There was no wind, a very calm and clear day.

It was so nice we stayed an extra night, the weather was fabulous.  It was cold but clear, the Sun was out!

The club tries to get out at least once a month, it is nice to talk to people and share opinions and thoughts.  Hopefully this year the club will get together and have a few boats cross the Columbia Bar, and then maybe go north to Grays Harbor.  We will see.

Frost and calm seas.

This might be the high for the day.

A lone Bald Eagle, we saw two more on the way back down river.

One of the reasons we try and not manuever the boat at night.

Only five club boats showed, it was a ton of fun!

Enjoying the rays on New Years Day.

Some deer greeting us at breakfast.

What a great weekend!

We are so ready for Spring to get here!


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