No news is good news?

This month is our sailing anniversary. It was last January that we first hatched this kooky plan of ours so learn to sail, buy a boat, and start our next grand adventure (not necessarily in that particular order).

Yes, that’s me sitting in a rigged sailboat in an empty lot. It turns out they close the lake in the winter so we improvised 🙂

Right now it seems like we haven’t been sailing in ages but we are being modestly productive.

Devon continues working on various boat projects….

Our new seahood under construction. The lead weights being used to help form the curve in the plywood were originally glassed in under our v-berth.

…while I work on the cruising kitty…

no, it’s not my cat!

…and we both continue praying to the weather gods for an early spring.


I know, not a very exciting post. So for the adrenaline junkies in the crowd (hellloooo, um maybe crowd wasn’t quite the right word) Jon over at syzygysailing has a great story about boat handling in conditions I hope to never, ever, (ever!) face.


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