Happy Valentines Day, and a warm boat.

We finally got a real heater.

Dickinson Newport P12000, propane heater

And with the heater installed, of course we had to ditch those 1lb propane cans and install a propane system to run it.

Rail mounted propane tank

The tank mount is temporary(of course).  The heater works great, it’s rated at 9700btu on high.  We are happy we got the larger model.  We were able to remove a dorade and use the hole for the flue pipe.  We plan to move the deck cap this Summer, we will have to cut another hole in the boat.

Propane level is between 3/4 and full

We decided on the fiberglass tank, it’s light and you can see the level of propane.

We have to finalize the mount and make a cover for the tank.

Great weather for spending the weekend at Coon Island docks with the club.  We sure tested out the heater at night.

‘Imi Loa, the last one at the end of the dock


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day, and a warm boat.

  1. What a pretty boat! Although I prefer warm ambient temps, there’s something really cozy about a little heater like yours on a cold and rainy night aboard. Congratulations on the purchase and install.

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