Spring has (finally) sprung!

We are anchored out on a beautiful morning. There was frost on the deck this morning but the sun was shining and melted it quickly. We had a nice sail yesterday, the wind was light and a little shifty but it felt warm in the sun (I think the high was only 53 or so) and we had a great time. The days are getting longer so even though the air is still cold it feels like summer is just around the corner, and we can’t wait!

On the way into our anchorage yesterday we had a good opportunity to calibrate our depth sounder with a lead line. We had tried a few times previously but we always had too much current to get a very good reading (plus it was usually cold, windy, and rainy so we didn’t try too hard). This time we dropped anchor in 12 feet of water with no current and got some good readings. Now that we feel more confident about exploring shallow areas. We have our depthsounder set to tell us the depth below the surface of the water because that is easy to measure but in the future we may change the offset to read depth below the keel. I think I prefer how we have it now but the accuracy is affected by whether we are sitting at our waterline so maybe it isn’t the best. Though I hope we don’t load the boat up with so much crap that it makes a huge difference and we can readjust the offset anyway…


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