Another weekend of Spring, some more off the list.

Nothing too exciting or new this week of obvious Spring.  Rowan had to work the weekend so Devon did some tasks on the list.

We are planning on crossing the Columbia River bar this month.  We have to make sure the boat is “seaworthy” which is different from “river worthy”.

The teak block adapter mounting the staysail winch had started to pull away from the mast.

Out with the old. The broken dried out husk of a mount.

In with the new. Modern winch mount plate, all aluminum and strong.

New tachometer light switch, very important to operate at night.

Reinstalling the all important cockpit table.

Sparking new alternator.

New LED cabin lights, only draws 0.17 amps!

The list is still really long.  It is directly proportional to how much you really want to use your boat.  Of course the dollar amount of the task list  is exponential in terms of the boat usage as well.

Life is well now that Spring has showed itself.


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