New engine break-in & showering onboard

For the first time since Christmas we are out enjoying spending time on ‘Imi Loa. In January and February all of our “boat time” was spent on getting the new engine installed. We spent Last night rafted with fellow members of the Sauvie Island Yacht Club (SIYC) in the Swan Island basin (a very urban/industrial anchorage). We had a fun St. Patrick’s day themed potluck and a nice breakfast this morning. There were 7 boats in attendance, we were on one end and breakfast this am was on the boat at the opposite end of the raft. It was interesting traversing all those boats carrying our breakfast contributions across all those lifelines (lifeline gates were left open but never aligned with each other). The SIYC is a great local club focused on cruising with sailboats.

The weather has been not horrible nut not very nice, we got rained in and snowed on today but we also had some sun breaks.

Tomorrow morning we are having our new engine installation certified by our local Yanmar dealer so we are staying the night at their dock. By the time we are back at our marina we will be past the 10 hour break-in period and able to run the engine at WOT (though we need a new prop too).

We are just finishing our onboard showers using the shower enclosure I made and our pump up garden sprayer. We’d rather be showering in the cockpit but that will have to wait until snow is out of the forecast.

(written on my iPhone)


2 thoughts on “New engine break-in & showering onboard

    • It is in the main cabin right under the hatch. We crack the hatch open when showering to help vent moisture. The head is just too small to shower in. The shower enclosure is ripstop nylon and the shower pan is vinyl backed sunbrella, the whole thing packs away in a few mesh bags and is stored under the v berth.

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