We accepted an offer

on our house today. We are set to close next Friday and move out on Saturday. Meanwhile I am on vacation next week and we were planning to drive down to the Bay Area to visit family and attend the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show. We will be missing the boat show but still plan to go down for a brief visit. Basically, if we can find a place tomorrow then we will drive down Sunday and return Thursday. This is all happening very fast, which is a good thing. Only when the house is sold will this whole cruising thing be a Plan, not just a Dream so this is a huge deal. Cross your fingers for us that everything goes smoothly.


2 thoughts on “We accepted an offer

  1. Wow! Congratulations. Big stuff. Can’t wait to see how things proceed now that you’re almost ready to cross one more thing (and it’s a biggie) off your to do list.


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