Roche Harbor

Short travel day, about 20 miles to Roche Harbor.

We are on a side tie and plugged in. We can get groceries, fuel, water, engine parts, do laundry, and maybe dinner out.

We might stay tomorrow night as well.

It’s $1.70 per foot here, but they do have dock hands on call.


3 thoughts on “Roche Harbor

  1. Just put my E31 in the water in Anacortes to finish up the rigging. Will be at Cap Sante this weekend to prepare for a trip up north to Sitka. Hope to run into you in the San Juan’s next week.
    Tim Anderson “Northern Mist”

    • Hi Tim,

      It would be great to meet you and see your boat but unfortunately we are getting ready to head back down the coast. We are currently in Port Townsend and will be going to Port Angeles in a couple days to do the final prep for the passage south. I hope you have a great time in Alaska. Let us know if your travels include the SF Bay Area in the next few years, maybe we can meet up down there.


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