About Us

Sometime between Christmas 2009 and New Years Day 2010 we decided to buy a sailboat. Nevermind we didn’t know how to sail, you have to start somewhere right? At first the plan was to get a boat big enough for one or two week sailing trips, on the river or on the coast. Over the next few weeks that plan morphed into the PLAN.

The PLAN is to buy a boat, sell the house, cars, and so on, move onto the boat, quit our jobs, and spend a year cruising to points south. Our progress thus far: We bought a small (14′) sailboat from craigslist and we have been teaching ourselves to sail. We also bought ‘Imi Loa, our Ericson Independence. Although we were planning to wait a year to buy the big boat we came across a great boat at a price we couldn’t pass up.

Update March 2013: Since we first created this page we have made a surprising amount of progress. So far we have sold the house, moved onto the boat, quit our jobs, and spent the summer cruising (although we went north rather than south). The plan has evolved somewhat. We are currently living aboard in Alameda, California and working again. Our goal is to have all student loans paid off in 2 years and then head south. We will be completely debt free and hope to do some extended cruising, stopping to earn money when needed.