Roche Harbor

Short travel day, about 20 miles to Roche Harbor. We are on a side tie and plugged in. We can get groceries, fuel, water, engine parts, do laundry, and maybe dinner out. We might stay tomorrow night as well. It’s … Continue reading

Waiting on weather

Just a quick update: we decided to divide the trip up to Neah Bay into some day trips. We had some pretty nasty weather the first night out. It turns out we were in the middle of a small craft advisory (details to come). We spent a few days in Westport at Grays Harbor waiting on weather and doing some boat chores. We are currently at the Quelleute marina in La Push. We’ve been here a few day doing more chores and waiting on weather. We are planning to make the trip to Neah Bay tomorrow. It has been an interesting trip and we are learning a lot!